How Are We Different?

We don’t bore you to death with PowerPoint's! Yes, we use them – as prompts, maybe show you a funny picture or to make a point! You can read off them, we won’t read them to you!

Training will be interactive, and you will be involved! It’s more fun that way and to be honest, we find that learning is much, much easier this way!

We are 100% mobile. This means that you have various options, including – We can come to you which means that you can choose your own day and start times, or you can join us at public course as you might only have a few employees or only wish to make an individual booking.

We have a fully simulated training trailer which is used for the practical components of most of our Accredited Training!

So, What Do We Do?

We deliver Nationally Accredited Work Health and Safety Training (Including Working at Heights and Confined Space).

We deliver Nationally Accredited First Aid Training.

We help your organisation comply to the Building Fire Safety Legislation in Queensland.

We inspect your Height Safety Equipment.

11 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us!

  1. No death by PowerPoint
  2. Interactive training where everyone stays involved
  3. We do not cancel a course due to low numbers
  4. We can train you at your facility
  5. You choose the start time for all company courses, we will work in with you
  6. Company courses can be held on ANY day of the week
  7. We let you know when it is time to update your Training or Building Fire Safety Compliance
  8. Our trainers will leave their WAR stories to another time
  9. We are seriously the most FLEXIBLE Training Organisation in the Universe
  10. Use us as a resource! If you have a question regarding your compliance and it's on our scope, call us anytime
  11. Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) funding available to eligible learners for MSMWHS217 - Gas test atmospheres! Click here to check your eligibility today! Funding amount per person is $202.

Where Can You Find Us?

Ambition Training is located within the Gladstone Region, Central Queensland (remember, we are 100% mobile).

Our public courses are predominantly held in Boyne Island, which is approximately 15-20 K's south of Gladstone.

We have no limitations on where we can travel to! From Brisbane to Mackay, let's talk and we can show you how affordable we actually are!

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